The Basics of Tipping Your Limo Chauffeur

Planning to a night out in New Jersey? Or planning to have a party in that area? If you are up to hire a provider to cater the transportation need for your special occasion with your friends or family, you can’t go wrong with New Jersey limo company. You will need a professionally chauffeured vehicle to cater all your transportation needs.

If you have been used to deal with this kind of service, you may know a thing or two about tipping the people who work with you. In this case, tipping a chauffeur can create a bond with the chauffeur himself as well as the New Jersey limo provider. Giving some extra money besides the service fee itself is called as a tip. Normally we won’t hesitate to give a tip if we think that their service is satisfying.

Tipping is a social matter rather than material. It will also be based on the cultures in each region. In New Jersey, just like in other areas, you have the liberty to tip your chauffeur. It is the right symbol of gratitude for such excellent service delivered to you.

Imagine that you have a perfect chauffeur who always welcome you with a great smile, help you with your belongings, open the door for you and close it when you get on the limo, offer you some complimentary drinks, ask your favorite music, be in time for the picking up point, and so on. Sort of duties is fairly delivered by all chauffeurs. However, not all chauffeurs deliver them in the same way. Some chauffeurs have more cheering personality, making your journey more enjoyable. That can be the reason why you can give him or her some tips. The amount of the tip varies depending on the level of the service’s deliverance. However, to avoid the confusion, the suggested tip should be 10% up to 20%. Here are some of the ideas that you can take. Normal service deserves top 10%, good service can be around 15% and exceptional service really deserves top 20%. Don’t hesitate to give that amount of money if you feel satisfied with the chauffeur.

It is very simple to infuse this idea into your habit. With this guideline, you will not have any problem in tipping your chauffeur. Some services in specific companies have included the amount of the tip for a chauffeur. If that is the case, you still have the freedom to give additional tip to your chauffeur if you think his service deliverance is exceptional. But you can also make a choice by not giving any additional tip since the initial tip is included in the limo package. The most crucial thing that you need to remember is that you need to be respectful with your chauffeur. Since tipping is not obligatory, the driver won’t demand any tip from you. You will give additional money if you are satisfied with his service.