The Origin of Stretch Limo

While you have been enjoying the New Jersey limo service, you may wonder about how the stretch limo become so popular, and the origin of it. Do you have any idea about who did invent the limo at the first time? Limo has been used for many luxury and exclusive purposes, but yet many people still do not know its history. That’s why we are going to share it with you in this article.

First, let’s take a look at the origin of the name “limousine”. It was first introduced in 1902. That time, the vehicle consisted of 2 compartments: front compartment and back compartment. In the front compartment, it is the part for the driver. It had a covered top. While in the back, the passengers sat in a completely enclosed compartment to give them safety and privacy. You may have seen this kind of vehicle somewhere. That was the origin of the stretch limo form.

The both compartments seemed like the cloak of French shepherds. France is the country which produced such cloak. That was way the name of the cloak was taken from the region of the production, Limousin. Time went by and the car itself was called as the same name of the cloak.

Since 1902, the original limos had been used by elite classes for daily occasions. And the forms were stagnant until, in late 1920, the stretch limo was introduced. The original stretch limos were produced by coach company Armbruster, a company from Arkansas.

At that time, the stretch limo was meant to cater larger parties. The big space of the limo allowed the company to transport larger groups of people. Big bands were the regular customers. They usually come with large party and bunch of instruments. During those periods, they were also called as “big band buses”. In that era, popular big bands like Glen Miller and Benny Goodman were regular users of the stretch limo.

Ten years later, this type of vehicle gained attention from American citizens. The very first limo service focused on airport travels. At that time, it was also called as “airport stretch coaches”. Then Hollywood industries started to get intrigued with the stretch limo benefits. Hollywood stars, producers, as well as crews started using limo as their means of travel. Since then, New Jersey limo has become more and more popular. The services are no longer exclusive to rich and famous. All folks have the same right to enjoy this service.