What They Said About Stretch Limos Are Not True

Stretch limo has come as one of the top options when it comes to selecting the limo for your special event. No matter what is your special event, a stretch limo will always be one of the best options out there. You may have heard about what they said about stretch limos, which make you deterred from booking them. It is time to kill the switch of these myths.

Myths number 1, you have probably heard that stretch limos are road-illegal in your town. Well, it is not true at all. It has actually been admitted since decades ago. And most of the reputable New Jersey limo companies provide stretch limo with professional chauffeur and vehicle in good condition. So, there is no illegal practice from the stretch limo.

The myth number 2, some said that stretch limo is too big to be operated in some areas. They suggest that this type of limo can’t get you anywhere. Well, in some parts, it is true that there are some limitations when it comes to stretch limo. You may not get access to tiny track where motorbikes are the only vehicles which fit with the track. Well, if that is the case, it also work on other vehicles like a city car, sedan, SUV, etc. for most tracks in New Jersey, you won’t have to worry when using the stretch limo service.

The myth number 3, they said the stretch limos are only for a small group of people. Well, it is not entirely true. It will totally depend on the stretch limo you choose. A stretch limo will have maximum seating capacity information. This is due to the law ruling the New Jersey area. The task that you need to take care is to count the numbers of the event participants and find the right size of the stretch limo for you and your party.

The myth number 4, they said you can’t customize the amenities offered by the stretch limo provider. It is also the myth that you need to break. Each limo in New Jersey provider might contain entertainment systems, minibars, and other amenities. The good thing here is that you can opt these in or out as you desire.

The myth number 5, the stretch limos are just for the rich people. Based on our point of view, it is the silliest myth about hiring a limo. Reason number one, people who said that do not look like having time to research several options out there. Well, there are a lot of options or packages to choose, from the most affordable ones to the expensive ones. The second reason, most professional limo providers clearly state that their services are not only limited to the rich. The solid proof is that the stretch limos can be used for various occasions starting from a birthday party, sporting events, weddings, business meetings, prom, bachelor or bachelorette parties, and much more. So, it is clear that stretch limos are for everyone.

Having these facts in mind, you might be convinced to hire New Jersey stretch limo for your special events.