Weekend Getaways in New Jersey

If you have a plan to spend your weekend in New Jersey, then you have a lot to be offered. Whether you are planning for romantic getaways, family trip, or business trip, New Jersey offers the visitors and travelers wide array of options. You can get almost everything from historic golf hotel, Atlantic City tour, Cape May beaches, sunbathing, or try the delicious dishes of the locality offers. So before contacting your limo provider, you can check few places which we recommend below.

Stockton Seaview Hotel and Golf club is the first place we recommend. 2 hours from Newark, this will be your perfect getaway. This resort has been operating for more than 10 decades, which time it has welcomed popular golfers, actors and actresses, and even presidents. Covering about 670 acres by Reed’s Bay, this is a giant hotel which can provide thousands of rooms for visitors. You and your family will have a nice time in enjoying the hotel facilities and amenities. The large area promotes 16 large suites and 296 classy guest rooms. In each room, the guests are guaranteed to enjoy Lavazza coffee, free wifi, flat screen TV, convenient shower, etc. Not to mention there are 18 hole golf courses, swimming pools, basketball courts, fitness center, Spa, Noyes Satellite art gallery, and Main Dining Room.

If you are planning to get a romantic getaway in New Jersey, then Grand Cascade Lodge is one of the best places you can visit. This is the nicest place for couples, families, as well as party groups to enjoy any kind of activities together. It has an enormous amount of guest rooms with perfect kitchens. There are also bedroom suites with fireplaces, Grand Villa for big parties, and the most favorite, two-bedroom suites with Jacuzzis. For couples travel, you can’t go wrong with Grand Cascade Lodge Jacuzzi. While having a nice time in the hotel, you can also go to Biosphere Tropical Pool Complex. You will get a nice treatment at Reflections spa, try the golf courses, and many more. There is also Bocce court which is also great amenity. If you love italian foods, don’t forget to drop by Springs Bistro and enjoy the authentic Italian cuisine. You will realize about what a great night you spend with your lover.

Make sure you book the hotel in advance and let the New Jersey limo takes care of the transportation for you.