Are You Allowed to Drink and Eat in A Limousine?

Many people might want hire a limo but are wondering if eating and drinking are allowed to do. We decided to research, what we found out was that it depends, but there are some general practices in the limo industry which we are going to find.

First of all, we researched the rules of drinking. What we found was virtually all limo services allow drinking of water and non-alcoholic beverages with no restriction. However, alcoholic beverages rules are existing. Upon further research, we found that drinking alcohol is generally allowed but with varying restrictions, ranging from the amount allowed, to the type of the beverages and even the types of the containers. The most common New Jersey limo service provider terms allow the consumption of alcohol and other drinks, but limit the amount of liquids allowed into the limo at a time. These restrictions vary from those allowing only one bottle of alcohol, all the way to the widely quoted “one case of beer and four bottles of wine or champagne”. If you prefer to carry more alcohol beverages than these, many limousine service shave special offers with smaller, sometimes no restriction on the amount of drinks permitted in the limo. Such offers are more costly.

The next question is about the eating regulation. We discovered that in general very few do allow it. A lot of limo services were happy to stop along the way, to let the passengers eat in restaurants and eateries, but were vehemently opposed to eating in their limo. Generally limo services impose a substantial fine just for eating in the limo, additional fines are added if any stains are discovered. There we do not eating in the limo without first discussing with the limo company. Many reasons were given for this, including stains on the upholstery. But by far the most common reason is that the food crumbs attract insects and rodents, which if the limo is not put through a lengthy and expensive fumigation leads to infestations. Although some exceptions being long duration charters, and larger capacity limo. Here too, as with alcoholic beverages you can find some limo services with offers that cater to those who want to eat during the journey, but are also correspondingly harder on the wallet.

We also discovered that if eating on the way is very important to you, and you are unable to find a service that allows this, offering to pay for the cleaning of the limousine is generally accepted.