Brief History of the Limo Service in the US

When it comes to variety of limousine rental services in the US, each type represents different services for its customers. Most folks will use limousine services for special occasions like weddings, birthday, or proms. Most limo service companies offer various models, ranging from the classic to the modern ones.

Each limo provider offer different kinds of amenity to go along with their types of limo cars, starting from usual limo, driver and beverages, to specific complementaries, such as TV sets, or other specification requested by the client. Of course, it will affect the price of the limo service compared to the most standard ones.

Though it is now quite common that folks use limo service today, not all of them know about how it came. Limos nowadays may come in different new models and have been transformed into limo-type vehicles, so that the line of vehicles can cope with current customer’s personal tastes. Limos, which are basically coming as stretched luxury car, driven by professional driver called chauffeur.

Do you know that nowadays people are using stretched-out version of sedans as limousines? The common characteristic of limo is the sliding glass window which is available between passenger’s area and driver’s area. For sensible reason, it gives irreplaceable privacy when the client gets on the limo.

You may have seen in the movie scenes or so that the passengers can face each other for conversation in the limo. It is the basic version of limo. It consists of rear seats facing forward towards driver, while the other seats are facing the rear seats placed behind the driver’s seat. Current limos come with more complimenting feature of seats. For example, the seats facing the rear seats can be folded when the customer does not need it. It will give more space for the passengers.

Nowadays limos do not necessarily follow the tradition of conventional limos in term of design and structure. Besides the same features from older versions of limos added to the current ones, some vehicles are equipped with different features for different purposes. It happens because there have been increasing demands from the customers who want to use limo services for different purposes. In the past time, limo was seen as the royal transportation only for rich and popular people. But as the time goes by, everybody have the same opportunity to enjoy such services. Modern limo in the US has been evolving, adding new models and different amenities in the list of services.